I’ve missed Agnesa but felt uninspired with her all this time until I got the spontaneous idea to translate her to FFXIV.
She is now one of the Scions and has a supportive role to Lune. They become friends during the events of Heavensward, with Agnesa accompanying Lune on her adventures onwards. They would really become inseparable in the First, even more so when they’re both stuck in Eulmore 🥰
She was (actually still is) a character in my OC-verse, as well as my character in a DnD campaign I’m in so it was easy to come up with a backstory based on her variants and my overall image of her. Not to mention she’s been my OC since 2015 and was meant to be an acid/fire-wielding witch from the beginning so I also made her a BLM. I’m writing both her and Lune’s background stories and profiles, you can scroll down and find Agnesa’s.
I’ll also get to designing her Eulmoran attire sometime soon! Stay tuned 💖
Full name: Agnesa Ellynbrigge
Alias/title: ?? Race: Dravanian hyur
Main classes: ALC/BTN
Secondary class: BLM
Age: 21 (ShB)
Hair color: Auburn
Eye color: Hazel
Sexual orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: Alchemist, herbalist
History of residence:
Unknown Dravanian village (Childhood)
Idyllshire (HW)
Revenant’s Toll (Post-HW to Shb & post-ShB onwards)
The Crystarium (ShB)
Eulmore (ShB bad end)
Agnesa grew up in a small, secluded village deep in the Dravanian forests. She developed her passion for alchemy and herbalism early on in her life from her elders and aspired to run her own business selling herbs and potions. As she grew up, she began selling her crafts on the marketplace in Idyllshire, eventually making enough Gil to afford a small room in town.
During her time in the Dravanian Hinterlands, Agnesa developed a curiosity for magicks and began to look for ways to acquire/train her magic skills. She initially started reading books to gain some knowledge but finds it rather dull (she learns better by doing). At some point, she took some delivery quests for an anonymous client who turned out to be Matoya. Eventually, she became her pupil when Matoya agreed to teach her the basics of black magic in exchange for deliveries of rare herbs. As a result, she made her headstart as a fire-wielding black mage.
Agnesa met Lune in Ydyllshire during the events of Heavensward where they spend time hanging out and instantly clicked. They became friends from there on and Agnesa accompanied Lune on her adventures in Gyr Abania and Othard. Agnesa is the last of the scions being sent to the First before Lune.
ShB bad ending:
Agnesa got into Eulmore, attempts to save Lune and Thancred, fails and as a result, becomes one of Ran’jit’s slaves.
Agnesa accompanied Lune when she faced Ran’jit in Lakeland, Il Mheg and Rak’tika. He is less concerned about her though, especially compared to Lune, Thancred, Alphinaud, and the Exarch. He almost forgot about her entirely. Almost!
Agnesa plans to enter Eulmore unnoticed and travels to Gatetown to find out. She eventually convinces the Jongleurs (who are unfamiliar with her) to show her crafts and knowledge and they granted her citizenship. Thus, she went undercover as a citizen only to be caught after…
Agnesa isn’t as strong compared to her fellow scions, nor is she a powerful DoW/DoM but she makes up for it with her resourcefulness and crafting skills. She enjoys spending most of her time gathering plants and crafting potions. When she’s not occupied, she likes to hang out with her friends or read fiction to recharge.
Her personality is laid-back, easygoing, spontaneous, caring, and driven by her creativity and curiosity. Just like Lune, Agnesa lives in the moment and is always on the look for new experiences. She is very passionate about crafting and gathering and cares deeply about her friends. When provoked or threatened, she tends to overreact and become irrational.
Agnesa never had a relationship despite being a hopeless romantic. She’s not as much into gender, but rather personal qualities and traits. She finds herself attracted to types who are good-hearted, strong, protective, serious, rational, and clever (bonus points if they’re also a nerd!). Agnesa tends to fall in love rather spontaneously. She is bad at showing her affection or making the first move and even avoids doing so. Nonetheless, she has a more serious approach to love and relationships, unlike Lune. She can’t seem to take her eyes off Thancred during the Shb timeline.