EDIT 30-03-2021: Updated his ref; added nudes and fixed his alignment.

Finally fleshed out one of my new gang members, Alfonso, he works for Gorgo! He actually used to be his right-hand man until Gorgo set him up against Learoth in a drunken fistfight… which he lost. So he likes to harass Roth and then gets bitchslapped by Gorgo after. Eventually they will get along. sorta.

He’s chaotic, easily bored, always craves attention, and likes to break things – including the hostage girls. :^)

There’s another new Witch Hunter called Uncle Don (Fay’s uncle & Marella’s in-law). You’ll get to see him later.

Here’s some sketches I did of him and some Black Jack from Outlander! (I swear Black Jack is the perfect Dom. Lmao)

And here are some quick ones of the whole gang, at least – so far.