Meet my new victim, I mean, character.

My chaotic good, cunning half-elf gal Fionna Dutchman – aka “Fay”, aka “the Masked Dragon”. She doesn’t like being called by her actual name.

Though she’s also a witch, Agnesa wouldn’t get along with her well, which isn’t surprising since they’re opposites in some ways. Water and fire; hot-headed and cool-headed. Short and tall. Girly and tomboy-ish.

Her parents are the founders of the Dragon’s Talon guild (that’s right, purposely sounding like a tavern), a sorta underground organization. They’re one of the Witch Hunters’ main targets. You know what that means: FUN. Lots of fun. I can already hear Gorgo cracking his knuckles.

Already telling you my half-elf guy will have a thing for her, being the sucker he is. Like I said, FUN.