Updated sheet for my half-elf girl Fay, because she’s my second main “heroine” oc (together with Agnesa) she’s precious to me and deserved a good ref.

She’s cool-headed, quiet and doesn’t show her feelings that much. She’s tomboy-ish and refused to wear dresses or skirts. Her parents are the founders of the Dragon’s Talon guild (that’s right, purposely sounding like a tavern), a sorta underground organization. They’re one of the Witch Hunters’ main targets, which indirectly strengthened the bond between Fay with her brother and parents. Her relationship with Donovan (Donnie) became worse, however, for obvious reasons. Little does she know about her uncle’s true nature and his plans to mess with his family who is on the “wrong side”.

Though she’s also a witch, Agnesa wouldn’t get along with her well, which isn’t surprising since they’re opposites in some ways. Even their magic elements: Water and fire. They didn’t really get along after they met but become closer over time when Agnesa found out about “the masked dragon’s” real identity, eventually developing a crush on Fay, even after they got captured by the Witch Hunters.

I promise I got some wicked plans with her. She’s really bratty but the Witch Hunters can mold all their captives into obedient sluts.