Forgot about this one. Here’s some random bits on her:

-She’s highly sensitive to sunlight, her skin gets sunburned and itchy easily when it’s is sunny and warm. Her home planet is a big desert, staying there wasn’t an option. Her eyesight is rather poor by daylight and is often seen wearing a hood or hat with a pair of sunglasses outside.

While most of her peers become warriors, soldiers, and the like, Teiranna always resorted to academics because of her physical shortcomings, excels in biology and chemistry.

– She’s a night owl, at her best and focused when it’s dark. If she’s awake in the morning she’s rather grouchy and cannot function without a strong coffee.

– She lives in a pod and secretly creates designer drugs in the lab to make ends meet. 

Is a target of alien parasites or other ailments from an outside source, as a plot against the Earth, and developing cures is her job.
– Got the job in the first place because of being a pretty alien girl, rather than her qualifications.