My new and 2nd elf MILF, her name is Talia Loramalis. She’s Learoth‘s mom.

Long story short, she’s a wood elf, more on the lower end of the classes, and she used to be in training for the army back in the day. A human trafficker infiltrated the kingdom and got his hands on her and that’s how she got pregnant. She has been separated from Learoth for almost as long as he lives; Talia defected from her homeland or her life will be a risk (race-mixing is a severe crime, especially for women). Initially out of fear and shame (mostly shame) but the more time goes by the more she regrets leaving her son behind, she could never return back to her homeland anyway.

It was a long quest but she eventually found a shaman who helped her with the search for Learoth.

As for Learoth, he grew up to be in the army as well. Lucky for him there was a shortage of soldiers otherwise he wouldn’t even be alive in the first place. Obviously, he was lower than the lowest in the kingdom hierarchy and was bullied/mistreated A LOT, so he didn’t forgive his mother for it.

Talia’s reunion with Learoth will not end well for her. Before y’all start wondering: no Oedipus complex will be involved, but the rest of the Witch Hunters will help to make her pay.

High-res version and timelapse video HERE!