My commissions are currently open!


Public queue: LINK

By commissioning me, you are confirming that you have read and accepted my Terms of Service. Failure to uphold your end of the agreement will void your order. Poor communication or lack thereof may also result in your commission being canceled.


  • You have to be 18+ to commission me.
  • I am more likely to accept your commission if it is similar to the themes I draw.
  • Please have visual references of your character(s) and ideas at hand.
  • Please be upfront and concise with all the important information for your idea in your inquiry.
  • Please let me know if you wish to commission me anonymously. I do not take private commissions.
  • Commissions are strictly for personal use and non-commercial purposes only.
  • Complex character designs (e.g. wings, detailed outfits) may add up to the final price.

Payments and refunds

  • All payments via PayPal.
  • I offer payment plans to clients who are unable to pay all at once (50% deposit + 50% after the preview). Please inquire me if this applies to you.
  • I will only issue a refund while the commission is in progress or if something happens on my end and I am unable to complete it.
  • Once the work is finished I cannot refund it.


  • I always give my clients a time estimate before I send invoices.
  • You will receive the outlined commission to approve. Minor alterations and fixes can be done at this stage. Major overhauls (such as changing the pose) will likely incur a charge. Once approved, I will not make any changes to the outline.
  • I am willing to tweak colors on the finished product if desired.

Subject matter

  • Preferred subjects: femsubs, spoils of war/bad end, corruption, degradation, BDSM & kink, my OC’s*, established FFXIV characters*, FFXIV OCs.
  • Hard limits: hyper, inflation, loli & shota, zoophilia, depictions of real people, heavy armor, mecha, overly violent or revolting content (at my own discretion).
  • I am also available for vanilla NSFW and SFW commissions.
  • * 10% discount on your commission!


  • Base price: €150 per figure
    Simple variations can be included, e.g. cum/fluids and markings/writings on the body.
  • Detailed background: €100+
  • Complex variation: €50+
    E.g. multiple outfits or facial expressions.

Examples of my work: