• Name: Gorgo
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Waudrias Orc
  • Age: Unknown, likely in his 40s.
  • Place of birth: Somewhere in the Northern Woodlands
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Occupation: Mercenary
  • Residence: Ironford
  • Height: 7″4 ft / 2.26 m
  • Skin: Dark brown/green
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Green
  • Orientation: Straight
  • Relationships: N/A


Supreme leader of the Witch Hunters. Apathetic, misogynistic, sociopathic and irredeemable. May come off as dumb as a rock but somehow gets away with his crimes. You can smell him from a mile away. Sees elves like his punching bags and playthings. Drinks Grog Supreme™ with every dish as if it’s his last meal. Other addictions hobbies include smoking and violent sex.


Gorgo is a sturdy and buff orc with a bit of a hunchback, broad shoulders and a slight beer belly. His skin color is somewhere between dark brown and green, without any distinctive markings. He has luminescent green eyes without pupils and black sclera. Gorgo is bald and has a fuzzy beard. Aside from facial and pubic hair, he has no other body hair. His teeth are yellow due to poor dental hygiene.


Gorgo’s personal hygiene is very poor. He rarely bathes, usually wears the same clothes over again and doesn’t brush his teeth. Often times he notices people around him complaining about his body odor, which can be described as a mix of smoke, sweat, grog and musk. He couldn’t care less though. Besides, he likes having personal space. 


Gorgo is intimidating at his best, causing tension (and sometimes drama) wherever he goes, without much effort. 

Gorgo is more intelligent than the average Waudrias orc although he doesn’t show it. In terms of human standards is his intellect average at best.


Gorgo was born on a harsh winter in the Northern Woodlands. He didn’t get the best head start as a gruntling. His mother passed away soon after his birth*, making his life dependent on the only surrogate mother in the tribe at that time. He was remarkably clever and competitive from a very young age, which stood out to the elders of the tribe. He didn’t grew up to be an orc of high status despite his intellect, but he’s still above the females and the younger males.

Growing up, he always found humans and their way of life to be interesting, something he didn’t let others know. He’s particularly interested in the women (he doesn’t find female orcs attractive) as well as this thing they use called ‘currency’. At some point he discovered humans would offer him money so they won’t get harmed, which confused him at first. He later figured to use the money to his advantage (weapons, food, alcohol and even sex). The other men of his tribe did not approve of Gorgo’s curiosity in humans but it didn’t hold him back. The human sources of pleasure were better than his life among the orcs so he decided to leave his tribe (to their dismay). 

After a long journey of getting familiar with the common language, becoming a bit literate and travelling to the capital city, Gorgo started earning money by doing odd jobs (most of which involve violence in a sort of way). When a new law is implemented which makes it more difficult to magic users to cast spells, Gorgo founded a new guid: The Witch Hunters. He employed a couple men, one of them being Alfonso. 



  • (Emotional) manipulation
  • Grog


  • Sweet and dairy foods
  • Cats