PsychoTey’s canon setting is the fantasy world of “Dungeons & Doms”, influenced by BDSM/kink themes and other perversions.

This world is set in the country of Etelas, specifically the capital city of Ironford which is more modern and advanced than anywhere else, almost industrial-like.

There are humans, animals, orcs, goblins, Yokai (fox-like shapeshifters) and demons. There is magic, but only a few can actually wield it. There are demon hunters/knights and human magic users who ought to fight against evil forces and protect humans from those.

After a demon’s attempt to overthrow the kingdom, tensions arose within the country and fingers were pointed at magic users. To prevent another infiltration of the demonic realm, magic users have become more and more surveilled, some exiled or even killed. This is when the Witch Hunters slowly began to arise, and they are becoming more notorious. It is unknown to the public how they get funded, but it appears as if someone or something greater aids them.

There are also, of course, elves. Most of whom live in the Ryelona region, an isolated state within Etelas. The elves used to be in a war with the humans for the longest time until they’ve finally been granted their autonomy. The relationship between humans and elves became more peaceful after the war ended, but it didn’t last. Chaos and injustice within the capital emerged and the princess of Ryelona went missing soon after, and tensions were slowly rising between the Elves and the humans again.


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Leader: Gorgo
Member count: Around 10-15
 Influence: High

Enemies: powerful magicians, the Sultry Sanctuary, the Dargon’s Talon, elves, and basically anyone standing up against them. They really take no shit from others. Whoever insulted Gorgo at the bar last night gets on the blacklist too so the number of enemies are growing.

Allies: Frankly, they have little. Just Madeleine and some people doing small favors – mostly by blackmail.

The Witch Hunters are a group of mercenaries and are the most notorious guild in the city. Established by Gorgo, who started to run the business on his own but eventually forms a guild and employs its members. All of his men must address him by “Boss” and obey his every command. If not, things will get ugly. Gorgo also does not let women become members of the guild, he doesn’t find them worthy enough. If there’s nothing to do, the Witch Hunters will go out and intimidate the public or get wasted for fun.

Gorgo also works on a “secret project” inside guild house dungeons where he keeps some of his female victims hostage. He wants to corrupt them and mold them into obedient sex slaves for himself as well as his men.


Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Leader: Jezebel
Member count: Around 20
Influence: Small

Enemies: Drows, religious fanatics and some authorities.

Allies: slave owners/traders, and their loyal patrons.

The Sultry Sanctuary is known as the hottest brothel and one of the most mysterious places in the city. Whether you’re looking for a night with a slave girl or a strict domme or perhaps some risky hypnotism – you’re guaranteed to have a good time. Some will say it’s the most enchanting night, and they have experienced something truly magical. It’s no suprise the Sultry Sanctuary prostitutes are living like the queens they are! 

 However, rumors go around about some of the girls being trafficked or enslaved. But who cares. They’ll do anything!


Alignment: Chaotic good
Leader: Leonhard Dutchman and his wife, Marella Dutchman
Member count: Around 30 – and growing.
Influence: Fairly small – but growing

Enemies: the Witch Hunters, the royal family and the local authorities.

Allies: The elven kingdom; a growing number of mages, witches, druids, shamans and other magic users.

“The Dragon’s Talon” is not a tavern like the name suggests, but a fairly new, secret underground organization run by a wizard couple of high status. They fight for justice and the rights of magic users and against the Witch Hunters and the local authorities. They consist of mages, wizards, druids and shamans and aim to grow until they can form an army against the state. They’re allies and messengers of the Elven Kingdom.

Little do they know about one of the Dutchman family members, Lord Donovan, sabotaging them in every way possible.