A little bit about me!

Hi, I’m known as “PsychoTey” but you can call me Tey (she/her). You will find my personal art gallery, commission info and some character/lore stuff all in one, here on my personal website.

I started my life in 1998 in the Netherlands and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. My dream is to make a living out of hentai art and spread joy with my degeneracy. I kickstarted my career in 2017 when I started doing NSFW commissions and getting active in the hentai art scene. I usually draw my original characters but create fanart ocasionally.

I got my first drawing tablet when I was 14 and loved doing digital art ever since, it began with more “innocent” characters/settings but got into hentai art a few years later, as well as worldbuilding and writing stories about my fantasy OCs. Now, I’ve found myself in a messed up world where I can dabble in and explore my darker side. I enjoy it a lot!

Orcs and art aside – I like animals (especially cats!), electro-industrial & aggrotech music, gardening and plants. I’m rather introverted but I love meeting like-minded people and other artists so don’t be afraid to say hi. I don’t bite!


What is “Dungeons & Doms”?
“Dungeons & Doms” is the title of my personal project and OC-verse. Dungeons & Doms is set in a fantasy world and deals with BDSM/kink themes such as Dominance & submission, M/s dynamics, bondage and sadism. Because that’s the shit I like. As “Doms” may suggest, there’s a great focus on male authority and therefore, “Dungeons & Doms” would refer to the Witch Hunters as well.

The main character is a greasy, nasty orc villain Gorgo – the master of the Witch Hunters as well as the victims in his sex dungeon. He gets away with his crimes and he rules my world! 🥰

What tools do you use for your art?
I use Clip Studio Paint and a Cintiq 13HD.

Are you open for commissions?
Check out my commission page for my current status. If I’m closed, I’ll post an update on my Twitter and Patreon when new slots are available.

Do you do art trades/requests?
I only do art trades with mutuals if we interacted and if I like your art. I do not take requests, but may be open for suggestions (fanart or my OCs) from Patreon supporters when I’m feeling uninspired.

Can I ask you X?
Sure! You can ask me on Twitter, I’m mostly active on there and read all comments and DMs.
You can also ask questions on my Curiouscat anonymously.