She/her | ENG/NL | 1998 | INTJ

I’m PsychoTey, or Tey for short. I’m a digital artist from the Netherlands with a focus on adult themes. I have been drawing all my life and kickstarted my career as an adult artist in 2017 when I began freelancing. I mainly focus on drawing as my creative outlet, but writing and cosplay have become growing interests too.

I took art classes in school and earned my Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design, but I’m mostly self-taught.

My favorite subjects are Lune (elf warrior, purple hair) and Agnesa (human witch, auburn hair, freckles). Two heroines who are not afraid of anything, yet struggling with the burden of responsibility, stakes being at hand, and – in Lune’s case – daddy issues. Big girl problems. I am passionate about ‘Bad End’ themes, fallen heroines paired with villains, both recurring themes in my work.