My main characters…


Hailing from the ice-cold city of Ishgard, Lune had a strict, religious upbringing. She escaped her sheltered past in search of freedom and happiness, becoming an adventurer – and eventually a fearless ninja warrior. As much as she loves the thrill of adventure, the burden of responsibilities can weigh too much sometimes. When she’s not slaying monsters and saving the world, you can easily spot Lune serving drinks and dancing in a tavern, relaxing on the beach, or with her friends. She lives in the moment, always eager for new experiences, and loves being the center of attention (whether good or bad).

Height: 169 cm / 5″6
Personality: Optimistic, playful, charismatic, (sexually) confident
Flaws: Stubborn, irresponsible, easily distracted, daddy issues
Likes: Attention, the sea, loud music, dancing, swimming, adventuring, socializing
Dislikes: Snow, solitude, keeping up with responsibilities


A fire- and acid-wielding witch from a small town called Elrith in the Dravanian wilderness. Besides spellcasting, she has a passion for alchemy, specializing in potions with healing properties. Other hobbies include gardening and cooking. She has a green thumb and knows how to handle animals. Always standing up for her friends, she strives to have a positive impact on the world. Her name is pronounced Agh-NEE-sa.

Height: 141 cm / 4″7
Personality: Creative, idealistic, brave, compassionate
Flaws: Stubborn, impulsive, overly emotional at times
Likes: Cats, tea, alchemy, plants, mushrooms, nature, sour foods
Dislikes: Reading, schedules, dishonesty, cruelty