Contact: or Discord
Sent an inquiry via e-mail but didn’t get a response? Please re-send your e-mail or message me on Twitter/Discord. I always respond to business inquiries, even when I’m not interested.

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By commissioning me, you are confirming that you have read and accepted my Terms of Service. Failure to uphold your end of the agreement will void your order. Poor communication or lack thereof may also result in your commission being canceled.


  • You have to be 18+ to commission me.
  • I am more likely to accept commissions that align with the themes I draw.
  • Please have visual references of your character(s) and ideas at hand.
  • Please be upfront and concise with all the important information for your idea in your inquiry.
  • Please specify if you wish to remain anonymous. I do not take private commissions.
  • The rates listed are for non-commercial commissions. Commercial inquiries are subject to a fee based on the scope of your project and business. 

Payments and refunds

  • All payments via PayPal.
  • I can offer payment plans if the price is too much in one go. Please specify if you prefer this option.
  • I can only issue a full refund while work has not started yet or if I am unable to complete it. When work has been done, I will issue a partial refund based on how much of your commission has been completed. 


  • You will receive the invoice when I’m ready to start your commission, as well as a time estimate.
  • You will receive the sketch for approval. Any possible changes can be made.
  • You will receive the outline for approval. Minor changes and fixes can be done. Once approved, I will not make any changes to the outline.
  • I can tweak colors on the finished product if desired. 

Subject matter

  • Will not draw: exaggerated body parts/hyper/inflation, loli/shota, bestiality, depictions of real people, mecha, overly violent or revolting content (at my own discretion).
  • What you see in my galleries are accepted themes. 


  • Base price: €200 per figure (fullbody render)
    Minimal backgrounds & variations can be included, e.g. cum, body markings/writings, tattoos.
  • Commissions featuring my OCs get you 20% off the final price
  • Detailed backgrounds, full-body armor, wings and complex variants & additions will add a fee depending on complexity.
  • If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to inquire me for a price quote. 

Examples of my work:

For more examples, check out my NSFW art gallery and my SFW art gallery.